Year Of The Dragon: 11 Chinese Zodiac Facts You Should Know!

Years of the Dragon are regarded as occurring in the years 2024, 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, 1928, 1916, 1904, and 1892.

Let us see in detail the years that come under the category “year of the dragon,” along with its zodiac elements. 

Zodiac SymbolElementYears
DragonWater 2024
DragonFire 1988

Personality of the People born in the Years of the Dragon?

Zodiac ElementPersonality
Wood DragonReticent, diligent, and skilful, take delight in being challenged but dislike the spotlight.
Fire DragonTactful, highly adaptable, shrewd and adept in seizing chances. 
Earth DragonSmart, diligent, compassionate, and ambitious but has a tendency to give up halfway.
Gold DragonHonest and sincere, irritable, and imaginative yet unpracticed.
Water DragonVisionary, determined, persistent, funny, but a touch obstinate.

Lucky Things for the People born in the Years of the Dragon

Lucky ColorsLucky DirectionsLucky NumbersLucky Flowers
Gold North1Larkspur
SilverSouth6Bleeding Heart 
Grayish whiteEast7Snapdragon

Unlucky Things for the People born in the Years of the Dragon

Unlucky ColorsUnlucky DirectionsUnlucky Numbers

Love compatibility of the People born in the Years of the Dragon

Best to be paired up withWorst to be paired up with

Careers that are best suited for the People born in the Years of the Dragon

Below given are some careers that are best suited for the people born in the years of the dragon:

  1.  Salesman
  2. Cashier
  3. Financier
  4. Pharmacist
  5. Electrician
  6. Priest
  7. Designer
  8. Politician
  9. Soldier
  10. Journalist
  11. Teacher
  12.  Lawyer
  13. Engineer
  14. Architect
  15. Broker

Prominent people born in the Years of the Dragon


  1. Sandra Bullock
  2. Bruce Lee
  3. Nicolas Cage
  4. Reese Witherspoon
  5. Robin Williams


  1. Rihanna
  2. Shakira
  3. John Lennon


  1. Pearl S. Buck
  2. Louisa May Alcott
  3. George Bernard Shaw

How to get along with the Dragons

One needs to take care of the following in order to interact with the “dragona”:

  1. For dragons, respect is the most important thing, particularly in a romantic relationship.
  2. Do not forget to praise the dragons when they do something good. Getting the partners’ recognition is crucial for them. They will be overjoyed if you appreciate the work they put in. 
  3. Try not to be dominative to your spouse because they do not enjoy being controlled. 

The Background to the Zodiac Sign of the Year of Dragon

Let us examine the legend around the “Dragon” zodiac sign.

  1. According to legend, the Jade Emperor, who was the ruler of heaven in Chinese mythology, decided to create a zodiac system to help keep track of time. 
  2. He selected twelve animals to represent each year in a twelve-year cycle, and the order in which the animals were chosen would determine the order of the zodiac.
  3. The dragon was not originally included in the zodiac system. However, one day, a dragon came to the Jade Emperor and asked to be included. 
  4. The Jade Emperor was impressed by the dragon’s majestic appearance and granted its request, making the dragon the fifth animal in the zodiac cycle.
  5. The dragon is considered to be the most powerful and auspicious of all the zodiac animals, and those born in the year of the dragon are believed to be ambitious, courageous, and successful. 

People Also Ask

  1. Is “Dragon” the strongest zodiac? 

Ans: Dragon is the strongest one among the Chinese zodiac signs, one of the reasons being that they have the ability to inspire people to feel confident in themselves. They are seen as benevolent and are often associated with water, which symbolises life and prosperity.

  1. What Dragon is good luck?

Ans: Red dragons are considered to shower good luck because red is accepted as the luckiest color in China. 

  1. What does the year of the dragon symbolise?

Ans: Dragons are associated with good luck and are often depicted with pearls, which represent wisdom and good fortune.

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