Year Of The Rat: 11 Chinese Zodiac Facts You Should Know!

Years of the Rat are thought to occur in the following years: 2032, 2020, 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, 1924, 1912, and so on. 

Let us see in detail the years that come under the category “year of the rat,” along with its zodiac elements. 

Zodiac SymbolElementYears
RatWater 2032
RatFire 1996

Personality of the People born in the Years of the Rat?

Zodiac ElementPersonality
Wood RatIndependent, conventional, extremely well-liked, but a little pessimistic.
Fire RatEnergetic, courageous, disciplined, and occasionally rude and severe.
Earth RatSincere, diligent, very adaptable, and full of self-esteem.
Gold RatStrong self-awareness, irritability, and sensitivity; enjoys being the centre of attention.
Water RatAlert, clever, and prudent in their decisions, but conservative in their actions.

Lucky Things for the People born in the Years of the Rat

Lucky ColorsLucky DirectionsLucky NumbersLucky Flowers
Gold West2Lily
GreenNorth-west3African Violet 

Unlucky Things for the People born in the Years of the Rat

Unlucky ColorsUnlucky DirectionsUnlucky Numbers

Love compatibility of the People born in the Years of the Rat

Best to be paired up withWorst to be paired up with

Careers that are best suited for the People born in the Years of the Rat

Below given are some careers that are best suited for the people born in the years of the rat:

  1. Artist
  2. Musician
  3. Actor
  4. Author
  5. Photographer
  6. Doctor
  7. Teacher
  8. Administrator
  9. Director
  10. Manager 
  11. Broadcaster
  12. Stand-up comedian
  13. Politician
  14. Lawyer
  15. Researcher

Prominent people born in the Years of the Rat


  1. Scarlett Johansson
  2. Ben Affleck
  3. Cameron Diaz
  4. Denise Richards


  1. Eminem
  2. Katharine McPhee
  3. Mandy Moore
  4. Katy Perry


  1. Diego Maradona
  2. Zinedine Zidane

How to get along with the Rats

One needs to take care of the following in order to interact with the “rat”:

  1. Rats prefer companions who are capable and excellent, especially in the workplace. 
  2. They don’t give much thought to material possessions or appearance. For them, the chemistry and inner sensations are what count.
  3. Rats may appear flirty, but once they decide to form a relationship, they are honest and devoted, and they hope their partners are too.

The Background to the Zodiac Sign of the Year of Rat

Let us look at the mythology surrounding the “Rat” zodiac sign.

  1. According to legend, the Jade Emperor, the ruler of heaven in Chinese mythology, decided to hold a race to determine the order of the zodiac animals.
  2.  He invited all twelve animals to participate, and the order in which they crossed the finish line would determine their place in the zodiac.
  3. The rat, known for its cunning and intelligence, was determined to win the race. However, the rat was not a strong swimmer and was unable to cross a river on its own.
  4.  So, the rat approached the ox, who was a strong and reliable swimmer, and asked for a ride across the river.
  5. The ox, being kind-hearted and unaware of the rat’s true intentions, agreed to carry the rat on its back. 
  6. As they crossed the river, the rat suddenly jumped off the ox’s back and crossed the finish line first, thus becoming the first animal in the zodiac cycle.
  7. Despite its small size, the rat has a significant place in Chinese culture and mythology, and its association with the zodiac is just one example of its enduring importance.

People Also Ask

  1. What is the personality of the “Year of the Rat’s”?

Ans: People born in the year of the rat are considered to be intelligent, resourceful, and adaptable. They are successful and ambitious as well. 

  1. Is the Year of the Rat a lucky year?

Ans: Year of the Rat is considered to be a year of transition that will bring good luck in all facets of one’s life. 

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