Year Of The Snake: 11 Chinese Zodiac Facts You Should Know!

The years 2025, 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929, 1917, 1905, and 1893 are all considered to be Years of the Snake.

Let us see in detail the years that come under the category “year of the snake,” along with its zodiac elements. 

Zodiac SymbolElementYears

Personality of the People born in the Years of the Snake?

Zodiac ElementPersonality
Wood SnakePrecise, composed, original, and capable of rational thought.
Fire SnakeIntellectual, intuitive, perceptive, skilled at socializing, and bad-tempered.
Earth SnakeIntelligent, helpful, and devoted to friends over others’ opinions.
Gold SnakeWith good leadership skills, courage, and willpower, but a little overconfident.
Water SnakeEnergetic, intelligent, meticulous, artistically gifted, and self-confident.

Lucky Things for the People born in the Years of the Snake

Lucky ColorsLucky DirectionsLucky NumbersLucky Flowers

Unlucky Things for the People born in the Years of the Snake

Unlucky ColorsUnlucky DirectionsUnlucky Numbers

Love compatibility of the People born in the Years of the Snake

Best to be paired up withWorst to be paired up with

Careers that are best suited for the People born in the Years of the Snake

Below given are some careers that are best suited for the people born in the years of the snake:

  1. Artist
  2. Politician
  3. Teacher
  4. Painter
  5. Psychologist
  6. Public Relations Office
  7. Scientist
  8.  Analyst
  9. Investigator
  10. Jeweler
  11. Astrologer
  12. Magician
  13. Dietician
  14. Sociologist

Prominent people born in the Years of the Snake


  1. Demi Moore
  2. Daniel Radcliffe
  3. Audrey Hepburn
  4. Liv Tyler
  5. Sarah Jessica Parker
  6. Kim Basinger


  1. Martin Luther King Jr
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. Mahatma Gandhi

How to get along with the Snakes

One needs to take care of the following in order to interact with the “snakes”:

  1. Those who share their interests are more likely to draw the Snakes because they generally have wide-ranging interests and enjoy making acquaintances. 
  2. The Snakes may appear enigmatic, independent, and cool, but they actually enjoy each other’s company and are looking to form relationships with those who share their enthusiasm for life. 
  3. However, because the Snakes are dedicated to their partners, betrayal is never acceptable.

The Background to the Zodiac Sign of the Year of Snake

Let us go through the story behind the zodiac sign of the “Snake”.

  1. According to legend, the Jade Emperor, the ruler of heaven, decided to create a zodiac system to represent the twelve animals that came to his palace for a race.
  2.  The first twelve animals to arrive would each be assigned a year in the lunar calendar, and the order in which they arrived would determine their ranking.
  3. The snake, known for its cunning and stealth, was one of the animals that participated in the race. 
  4. However, it was not among the first to arrive at the palace. Instead, it had hitched a ride on the horse’s hoof and emerged just before the horse crossed the finish line. 
  5. The snake’s trickery allowed it to claim the sixth position in the zodiac.
  6. The Year of the Snake is a symbol of cunning, intelligence, and personal growth in Chinese culture, and it continues to hold great significance in the Chinese lunar calendar.

People Also Ask

  1. What is the personality of women born in the year of the snake?

Ans: Snake women are elegant and compassionate. They enjoy life and have a variety of interests and pastimes, like travelling and admiring classical art. They have a sharp mind from birth, and they know how to use the tools at their disposal to forge enduring bonds with others.

  1. What does the year of the snake symbolise?

Ans: In Chinese culture, the Year of the Snake is considered a time for reflection and self-improvement. It is believed to be an excellent year for personal growth and development, as well as making progress in one’s career or studies.

  1. What is the personality type of the people born in the year of the snake?

Ans: People born in the Year of the Snake are believed to inherit some of the snake’s traits, such as being intuitive, intelligent, and analytical. They are also considered to be private and reserved, with a tendency to keep their emotions hidden.

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